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Devlog 2 might be a bit short but its a important feature for the game! The torpedo system is in full swing and the progress is looking awesome!

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So I've been working on the torpedo system for the game.
There are currently two types.


These make mainly damage to the hull of ships. Depending on point of impact the damage will vary and what parts of the ship gets impacted.

Each torpedo have a "impact radius" and can also do damage to submarines systems along with the hulls.

If submarine has shield engaged the damage will be reduces by a pretty great amount. This however will start damaging your shields durability. And also remember that shields drain your PC very fast!

EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

These mainly shortages the Power Cores out making it impossible to use shields etc.
The duration depends on the torpedo class and the softwares and modules on the submarines.

During the EMP duration the Power Core are totally out and you basiclly a sitting duck.

EMP torpedo will do some small damages on the ships hull.

Since EMP torpedos are very dangerous and making you basiclly useless in combat if hit by them we made the shields take the pulse hit but the hulldamage might still occur!

Each missile class has its own speed and damage.
Some torpedos are homingtorpedos and will seek the targets out. They also use prediction meaning it tries to figure out the future location of the target and moves towards it avoiding "tailchasing"

Two torpedo types

There will probably be atleast 1 more type of torpedo before relase and we are looking into countermeasures used in combat.

Currently there are 5 different Torpedos. They all have different damage and speeds

Jellyfish (EMP)
Spearhead (Explosive)
Juggernaut (EMP)
Hullsplitter (Explosive)
Poseidon (Explosive)

More on the torpedos will come later. Will try getting a video up soon showing them in action!


Torpedo incoming!

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