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New DevLog video for Astrox Imperium. This video shows a bit more of the station services coming together. Add , Remove and rotate the active turrets on your ship.

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In this video, I show off some of the new UI elements and begin development of the the station garage. The garage allows the pilot the ability to install various weapons, shields and other support utilities. Once installed to their proper slot, you can then rotate and align each module to provide the best coverage that suit your play-style. By placing these modules carefully, you can maximize their effectiveness in combat, and provide a custom feel to the ship. Since all of the combat takes placing in a physics engine, the lack of RNG makes it important to place these modules where they will be most effective. The station garage provided the interface to do just that.

The newest UI element makes it easy to command your ship's autopilot system. The 1 second HUD hold down menu allows the player to select various target options with just one mouse click. I will be adding lots more the UI, so stay tuned for video 3, coming next weekend.

I am committed to making at least 4 video a month, basically 1 a week, until the game is complete.I hope you enjoy the updates, and be sure to share with your space game friends if you do!

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