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One year after our first development blog Rogue Studios showcases concept art, discusses release date changes and shows off "NIGHTFALL" a GMOD HL2RP prequel project.

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Introduction - Setbacks and Concept Art

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It's been nearly a year since our last development and unfortunately Radiated Episode One: Left Behind will no longer release Q1 2022 or in 2022. This is no one's fault, the team and I simply don't have enough time to get any form of Radiated (in its current state) out this year. Radiated is still in development, it has not been cancelled despite not meeting the 2022 release date.

Before I get into the main topic in his development blog I'd like to share with you some of the concept art our amazing artist Skwallie has made for Radiated and also NIGHTFALL, a project I will be discussing further in the next section.

Radiated Episode One Concept Art: (In order of appearance)

Daniel Kurian, Radiated's Main Protagonist:


A highly trained LAMBDA Squadron Leader.

B.E.C.A - Bio.Enhanced.Combat.Armour:

B.E.C.A. - Bio.Enhanced.Combat.Armour - is a biomechanical organism that is used to provide Overwatch Units, as well as other Combine factions, with extra armour and protection on the battlefield. When B.E.C.A. attaches itself to a host body, the synth creature can ‘tap into the host’s nervous system and create a link between them and the host. This will then give the host a H.U.D without the need for a helmet allowing them to keep track of vitals and pinpoint enemies.

Mutated Antlions:


The Mutated Antlions are antlions that have mutated by the dark energy blast created by the citadel's explosion at the end of Half-Life 2: Episode One. There are multiple variations of the mutated antlion, the most common being the ones that are legs have been severely damaged as they are the weakest points of the creature. Mutated Antlions are HIGHLY radioactive and admit a radioactive dust cloud after being killed.

The Operative:

The Operative

The Operative is one of the last surviving resistance members within City 17, now known as Wasteland 17. The character is the only kind of human contact you have within the whole of Radiated Episode One.

A huge thank you to Skwallie for helping me and the team get a great reference on what the models for these characters will look like in-game, go show him some love here:

NIGHTFALL - A New Fresh Take on HL2RP


Whilst on The VŌC Podcast I was asked what NIGHTFALL was and I replied something on the lines of "NIGHTFALL is what I envisioned Race-X to be like". For those that don't know Race-X was my first major project, which I wrote back in 2017 onwards. And that statement isn't a lie either. A lot of the characters and basic story ideas are in NIGHTFALL one way or another.

But NIGHTFALL isn't just Race-X with a new label on top, the HL2RP project is much more than that.

Here's the summary:

"NIGHTFALL is a HL2RP server which is entirely story-driven. Instead of being the endless perma-kill simulator where there's no end goal, where everybody is just a digit on the player-count, NIGHTFALL gives everyone the opportunity to let them have their story to tell and bring others into their story that they have created. We hope to bring an exciting take on the HL2RP experience by being a prequel of sorts to the Half-Life 2: Episode Two modification “Radiated”, anything and everything which takes place within main storyline events on the server will carry through, one way or another into the Half-Life 2: Episode Two modification to insure that peoples stories will live on even when the story and server comes to a close. We hope to be an outlet of creative expression and worldbuilding, one where everyone can make their own memories on"

If this is all a bit foreign to you I recommend checking Yetty's guide to serious roleplay, here: GUIDE.

Clockwork... Reworked

For those that don't know, Clockwork HL2RP was a roleplaying schema for Garry's Mod by Cloud Sixteen which basically defined HL2RP for years. It was the number one gamemode to play HL2RP on. Now in present-day things have changed, CW is now free to use for all and has multiple security exploits as well as it being very much spaghetti code. My one and only developer for Nightfall is now developing a reworked version of the schema which will allow us to have the main feel and look of CW with it now being more safer and secure to run and host on.

We can't show much yet as it's very early on in development but when we can you'll be able to see it on the official Nightfall discord, linked down below.

Familiar Faces

Given the fact that this is a prequel to Radiated as well as being somewhat of a Race-X remake a lot of older characters have a role in NIGHTFALL. For instance, Atticus Lest (Race-X's main protagonist) will have a prominent role within NIGHTFALL as well as Radiated and any other media to fall suit afterwards.

Here's a teaser trailer for one of our events, which also features... some familiar faces:

Ending Off

If you're a fan of Radiated this dev-log might seem slightly disappointing given the fact we've delayed the project. It's not all gloomy though as NIGHTFALL is a project which had Radiated's elements and a literal chance to have yourself referenced with the story!

So, if you have GMOD I'd suggest heading on down to the NIGHTFALL Community Discord server, here: where you can get all the latest news regarding the project and so you can get yourself involved and play on the server when we release which... isn't far from now.

Also, we are STILL actively looking for coders for Radiated as well as other Rogue Lambda projects. If you believe you could help out please don't be afraid to reach out to me on Discord, my name and tag is Syph0#2469.

If you have any questions regarding this dev-log I'll be happy to answer them in the comments.

I hope to see some of you on the server!


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Looks pretty damn impressive so far, always wish the rebels adapted more Pre-Combine tactical Gear so I can't wait to see those concepts modeled!

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