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Hello friends and welcome to the first official devlog of "Sometimes they come back".

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Hello friends and welcome to the first official devlog!

From now on we will inform you every week (every Monday) about the current progress of Sometimes They Come Back.
We can always discuss news, fixes and new content here after the new devlog.
Of course we've been working on the game continuously for the last week.
All of your suggestions have been incorporated.
The new update is on its way already!

So then, here comes devlog number 1, week 25:


  • HelixOS event system bug FIXED (Special thanks to Sami)
    Here there was the problem that the login screen could no longer be unlocked.
  • Some items wasn't dropable FIXED (Special thanks to Sami)
    On drop item, the item just vanished but didn't drop
  • Fuse drop bug FIXED (Special thanks to Sami)
    Fuses dropped on the floor could be duplicated indefinitely.
  • Toilet animation bug FIXED (Special thanks to Merlin)
    Kinda a funny bug, if you had an item equipped such as the flashlight and you used the toilet, a second arm appears waving around with the same item.
  • Corpse Colliders FIXED (Special thanks to Paul)
    Not really a bug, but when you looted the corpses you couldn't start the loot process if you aimed at the head.
  • Collider bug in the gaming room FIXED (Special thanks to Jo aka Joseph)
    It was possible to just walk through the wall right next to the locked door

15 02 2022 19 35 42

New features:

  • Inventory drag and drop
    Now you can just drag items out of inventory to drop them. You can easily drag and drop items in inventory, and it is now possible to drag and drop items from
    inventory to storage boxes. So you don't have to keep accessing the context menu and choosing "Drop" or "Store"
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