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New devlog entry for Shardpunk. These new enemy types are carrying quite a punch!

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Let's talk about the new enemy type that I've been working on recently - the rats that actually explode.

The idea was to introduce a suicidal enemy type to the game. You know, to spice things up a bit, force the player to change their strategy.

Technically, the challenge did not appear tough - I simply had to make sure that the enemy can perform an AOE attack, which destroys them in the process. However, the enemy was also supposed to explode after being killed by the player.

Here are the early prototyping gifs (I was using a regular rat model, colored red):

And then of course, chain reactions should be possible:

Stuff worked correctly. Well, most of the time:

In the end though, I made it work:

The next step was to add graphics. My main pixel artist did a great job at creating the explosive-packed rat model.

Here are some final gifs. Enjoy!

That's all for this entry. Have a great day! Don't forget about the Discord channel!

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