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First devlog (reposted from reddit), info about the main character and the universe.

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Hey! I'm webik150 and I'd like to tell you about x'Ar and his adventures. Warning: Lore ahead!



Male, Lekrad, something about 46... something... old. Since every planet has its own rotational period (there's probably some technical term), traditional units of time no longer apply. He's an explor- wait, no! He's the Explorer. Actually, it's his name. x'Ar the Explorer.

x'Ar's just like the rest of us. He wants money. Don't even try to tell me you don't. Anyways, that's where you come in.

The Universe

The universe is made of sectors. Some sectors are owned by a faction. Currently, there are 3 factions in the universe, but the xenobiologists are always looking for new lifeforms, so who knows how many there will be tomorrow. These 3 are:

  1. Lekrad

    • A reptilian race. They're proud, intelligent, and they have scales.
    • Also, their ships, while not the fastest, are agile and have great armor.
    • Their colors are green and yellow.
  2. Raiji

    • Humans. Ordinary. Boring. Humans. One thing worth mentioning is that they're obsessed with technology. And they like fast stuff.
    • Their ships are fast but lack the turning of Lekrad ships.
    • Their colors are blue and white.
  3. Pirate

    • Well... Pirates... They'll steal your cargo and probably your life. Usually in the opposite order. If you wander into one of their sectors, RIP in peace. You'll be either very rich or very dead.
    • They don't usually build their ships. They steal them. That, however, means that they're most likely damaged making them an easy kill.
    • Their color is red.

But! Some sectors can be empty. Actually... most of them are, so make sure you have enough fuel when traveling or you might end up in the middle of nowhere. There are also legends of ancient artifacts, hidden throughout the universe. Who knows what you might find there.

NOTE: This has been reposted from the official subreddit.

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