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Its been quite some time so here are some updates on current build progress along with a demo video.

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So, no doubt you all want to know how SIN is progressing. Truth be told there isn't enough of us to regularly post updates we are stretched thin so if anyone wants to be a playtester, upload content to the youtube channel, etc, then drop a message. As for progress itself that has been full steam ahead the last few days cleaning up a lot of old vanilla and SIN issues, implementing new things, balancing gameplay (which probably still needs tweaking) laying some groundwork to add some levels, and generally making sure everything fits perfectly and nothing is particularly disjointed. I promised everyone the most beautiful version of SoC you'd ever play and I plan to keep my word on that, which brings me to the most recent substantial change.. every light source in every level being converted to be fully dynamic. You can view the below video in HD on the youtube SIN channel and should be considered early aplha testing but there doesn't seem to be too many bugs or issues to progressing to beta and final stages shouldn't take long, and yes, I actually touched wood after typing that because this is X-Ray.

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