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The current version of enhanced combat leader ver.2.94 is ToV/OF ver. 2.601 compatible will be implementing a lot of new features that affect game play and the game mechanics for players runing either multi-player matches or the historical campaigns. These new changes build on the enhancements initially implemented in enhanced combat leader ver.2.9x.

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I have increased maximum Line of sight ranges for units based on the categories of class for example all tanks have smaller sight ranges to detect objects on the battlefield and almost no chance to detect hidden squads or snipers, while infantry have the best chances to spot objects at the longest ranges and have very good chances at spotting hidden units or snipers. Maximum range visible to detect objects for tanks is 35m when the tank is "buttoned up" and 45m when "unbuttoned" because crews in vehicles with semi-exposed fighting compartments have better sight ranges than crews in enclosed fighting compartments. However infantry troops can see very far the maximum range visible to detect objects 65m.

Infantry combat.
Suppression is far more prevalent weapons dealing variable rates of suppression, so the rate-of-fire is key. That is why all machineguns and some types of infantry squads have suppressive fire ability which increases the rate of fire, lowers weapon accuracy, and increases the rate of fire, and suppression a weapon causes temporarily. Certain types of Infantry Combat Criticals for machineguns and artillery can cause units morale to break in combat this will cause units to flee to the nearest rally points. Rally Points and Medical Aid Stations can be built in territories to rally all broken squads in an area. Medical Aid Stations can now also reinforce wounded/KIA units a squad incurs during combat.

Infantry Combat Critical. the most common Infantry Combat Critical is the casualty, weapons also have a variable chance to kill an enemy unit outright. Casualties last for a long time to give medics a chance to save them. Other types of Infantry Combat Critical for cannons and artillery can cause a unit to be stunned in combat which causes units a decrease in rate-of-fire and weapon accuracy penalties.

Cover in Infantry combat. Cover reduces the accuracy, damage, and suppression a unit receives. The heavier the cover the better the protection from the effects of recived damage, suppression, and being pinned, so flanking fire will be essential to victory.

Infantry Stealth when units are in cover they will automatically hide from enemy units. There are two types of cover the first is light cover, this cover over gives you visual concealment. When your men find this kind of cover they will automatically go prone and camo, this will provide them with ½ protection bonuses however when moving about they will be spotted quite easily, also once revealed it will take longer for them to become concealed again than if they were concealed in heavy cover. However, some units (like snipers) will have better camo skills and will be harder to spot when hidden. The second kind is heavy cover, provides ¾ protection bonuses and can be concealed from any enemy unit on the other side (see LOS script thread), but if any enemy units do not have the wall or other obstruction directly between them your units will be spotted intermediately.

Tanks and Tank Critical
Tank damage is based on realistic penetration values cannons and artillery can cause a unit to be stunned in combat which causes units a decrease in rate-of-fire and weapon accuracy penalties. Cannons and artillery can cause a destroyed engine and immobilized will also make the tank actually be stuck. Cannons and artillery can cause a unit to have the commander killed and the vehicle losses all external mounted machineguns and suffers reduced rate of fire penalty on all weapons. Cannons and artillery can cause a unit to kill the gunner and destroy the main weapon (unit cannot fire main armament). Cannons and artillery can cause a unit to have the driver killed and the vehicle goes out of control and explodes.

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