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If you are interested in what will come next, here is our updated roadmap for Myriads: Renaissance.

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If you are interested in what will come next, here is our updated roadmap for Myriads: Renaissance. We won’t go into detail but we will still try to explain what each item refers to.

Architecture (100%): all the game architecture is done, and the save and load system is working fine.

User interface (100%): everything is ready, we might add some element related with the new enemy and such but we consider this part done.

Sound design (100%): as we already mentioned in a previous post we added music to the game using a procedurally generated music asset developed by marma music (check out his work at and completed the sound design (mostly using the sound assets of cafofo:<).

Capital Island building (100%): we might tweak some parameters (production cost, etc…) but we also consider this part done.

Resources (75%): there are currently 4 resources in Myriads (production, food, gold, research points). Another one will be added later: the goods. It will be a mid-game resource which will aim at replacing the gold mine with a more effective way of producing gold by trading. It will come with a bunch of new capital island buildings and a new colony (trading post).

Worldmap (100%): the world map is done. We will add more colonies and buildings related to the mid-game and end-game but the foundation is ready and (we hope) sturdy.

Colonies (50%): we will add two more types of colonies: the trading post (as explained above) and the defense colony. The defense colony is strategically very important as it will allow the player to recruit troops outside of his capital island. We might add some other roles to it but we are not sure of that yet.

Research tree (50%): the research tree will be divided into at least 3 eras. For now only the first era and a large part of the second are done, the first one being the only one available in the demo.

Threat (50%): the base mechanic of the threat is implemented. As time passes the threat increases (some player actions also increase the threat). For now, each time it reaches 100, the threat level will increase and the Chain’s corsairs and lairs get more powerful. In the future, every n levels (n to be determined) a big wave of enemies will aim at the player’s capital island. Each wave will be very powerful and will have to be dealt with a strategic combination of “suicide armies” and defense towers.

New enemy (0%): the end-game mechanic. After n waves (n to be determined), “Chain”, the corsair’s capital island will pop on the map. The waves will be continuous from this point. The game will end when the player destroys “Chain”.

Tutorial (75%): only the parts of the tutorial related with mechanics which are not implemented yet, such as the waves or the defense colony, are missing.

Two weeks ago we released a new version of the demo which introduced a new step by step tutorial and improved a lot the tempo of the early game. With this version we consider that the foundation of the game is solid and that the early game is now done. Hence we started the development of the mid-game (the waves and the goods/trading), but it’s too early to announce when it will be ready and available (and how…).

In the meantime, you can still follow us on twitter for more frequent news: @MyriadsRGame. We oftenly tweet about the progress we make in development.

If you did not try the demo yet and are interested in, you can download it here:

Download Myriads V0.7.1 DEMO TutorialUpdate - Indie DB

And also:



Any feedback is welcome, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

And if you liked the demo, please wishlist our game on steam!

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