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I would just like to brief and update everyone on where the mod stands currently, and what we plan to do before open beta release, to firstly wet your appetite, and secondly to let you understand how much is left to do and the potential release dates for the open beta.

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assets still to be added before open-beta release:

  • units from divide and conquer, consisting of khand units (for rhun), some more dale units/retexturing to crimson, arnor units, eriador units, rhudaur units (angmar), and some avari units (dale mercs)
  • Wargoats for dwarves (prototype complete and working, gonna do some tweaks before finished though)
  • rebalancing of many scenarios, with new units... etc
  • adding custom maps from scenarios that do not contain any settlements in them.
  • unit cards reworked (might do this after open-beta)
  • adding a new rohan cav unit with red dyed clothes (concept in progress)
  • adding a new general model for dwarves, dale, and mirkwood.
  • the battle of the five armies scenario using all the new units, mirkwood elves, ironfoot dwarves and Wargoats, and retextured dale.
  • fixing the balancing with a few minor adjustments (90% complete)
  • balancing the cost for units in custom battle.
  • fixing sprites for various units.

i may have missed a couple of things, but I hope this lets you understand how much work is still ahead of us, we hope to be finished by 30th of December, but it is possible that it could be delayed by 1 or 2 weeks,thank you for your patience and I hope this answers most peoples questions concerning the mods development.

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