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Hedon takes another step towards a stable release.

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Hedon is now at version 0.7.a!

That's right, we're yet another step closer to Hedon's release, with new content, tons of fixes and adjustments and of course, a whole new level to munch on.

About Map07 a.k.a. "Parapet"

The seventh level picks up the pace that the previous one has briefly altered. We're back into a gameplay-heavy experience with sprawling, backwards explorable level design, puzzles focusing around reading clues and paying attention to your surroundings and tons of shooting. Visually, Parapet merges a green, crisp mountain scape with industrial brown (obviously spiced up by the fantasy/medieval edge that sketches out Hedon's atmosphere).

You'll be switching between outside and inside, cramped and expansive, flat and vertical, atmosphere and slaughter.

Few screenshots featuring the seventh map of Hedon.

And of course...

...nothing kicks up killing and exploring as well as an Alexander Brandon track with that unique Unreal/DeusEx flavor. Many thanks for my patrons for helping me buy the license for it!

Want to be among the first ones to play it?

Then support Hedon on Patreon here, and get access to the latest alpha builds, as well as an opportunity to win custom drawn rewards that will represent you in a special patron gallery in-game.

Here are some of the last month's rewards~



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Zan_HedonDev Author

Ironically I had to cut out a decent part of detail and all that stuff to keep GZDoom's FPS under control. Sucks, but hey, it's all about the gameplay. Glad you like what you see.

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Looks good for a 90's game engine

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Zan_HedonDev Author

To be honest, graphic "quality" is the least of my concerns. I'm rather focusing on creating interesting images and giving the game its' own visual personality.

And of course, by "quality" I mean graphics as a result of processing power rather than a deliberate concept/artistic skill. The engine may be built on something that's very old, but restrictions often allow for creative solutions.

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What the hell when this will be released link!!!link!!!link!!!....

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Zan_HedonDev Author

Not sure what to tell you, maybe next summer if I take my time with beta and polish everything as much as possible. Beta will probably come out sooner, maybe this autumn, but right now, all the WIP content like new maps are restricted to those who support me on Patreon.

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