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Although the new alpha Hedon builds have been restricted to my Patreon and dedicated testers, development is progressing smoothly and many things are being polished and improved.

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What the hell is Hedon?

Nothing could introduce it better to newcomers than this review made by the awesome Mr. Icarus! The rest is in the description :^)

Hedon has reached version 0.6.a!

Yep, that's well over half of development completed! After thousands of hours of work over an year and half, Hedon's getting closer and closer to a fledged, original and enticing game.

So what's the big news?

Well, perhaps it's not that big, as some of you might have seen my patreon updates, but Hedon is breaking away from Doom. Few months ago, GZDoom has been relieved of copyright ties, and has become a solid, free engine for people to use. That's a huge deal for the future of "retro" shooters, and Hedon is one of the first standalone creations to benefit from this. Standalone? Oh, right. Well, I figured that if I'm still going to such lengths to make and original mod, I might as well... well, make it an *actual* game instead of a mod. Nothing will change development wise, except for the few assets (mostly sounds) ripped from other games which will now be replaced with new stuff.

About Map06

This mid-way level aims to give a fresh breath of air in the layout of the game. It's the odd one out, the weird level that settles up the plot, and helps the player figure what the hell is going on. It's fairly straight forward, and not quite long, but it culminates with a crazy boss fight! Here, check out some sneak peek screenshots~

Don't forget to check out my Youtube channel for the full ass kickin' soundtracks HERE.

Want to try it out?

Hit my Patreon page right here -

A mere buck can give you access to current alpha builds, and it helps me build that budget to buy more soundtrack licenses from Alexander Brandon :^) It's also a great way to stay up to date with development, and see some extra "behind-the-scene" work.

Oh, and you've got a chance to get some neat rewards too. Custom drawn avatars of your choosing that will feature in a secret in-game gallery along with your name. Here's a couple of lastest reward examples (made for Vodyanoi and kiyu69):

Thanks for reading, for commenting, for supporting this project with your mere attention, it means a whole lot, and definitely keeps me going hard at it and striving to get better and better!

- Zan

Zan_HedonDev Author
Zan_HedonDev - - 188 comments

Link for full res screenshots -

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.Bach - - 482 comments

Great update. You talk about Hedon becoming an actual game but it already looked like even before GZDoom was relieved of copyright ties. That's how unique this looks!

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Zan_HedonDev Author
Zan_HedonDev - - 188 comments

Thanks. As a side note I'm still planning on releasing a mod version of Hedon that could be played with other Doom map packs, so I haven't ditched that aspect entirely ;p

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booman - - 3,654 comments

Awesome news about getting a stand alone game! Congratulations!
Great updates as well. Always excited to see new content coming!
Hopefully the stand-alone will run native in Linux just like GZDoom does.

Thanks for your hard work! It definitely shows!

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Zan_HedonDev Author
Zan_HedonDev - - 188 comments

Thanks! I'll probably have multiple download release versions with the respective engines up, so I guess that solves it.

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booman - - 3,654 comments

Yes it does! I'm excited

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