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Update from my devlog from the past 2 weeks. I was working on new Parkour elements in the game, player color and attachment customization and new gore/melee features.

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January 18th 2011

I’ve just made the most brutal and fun thing ever made in a computer game. At least that’s what I feel like. I’m not telling what it is. I’ll just say I’m making melee combat and incorporating elements that were supposed to be in Berserker.

January 19th 2011

A common question I get “where do I get sounds for my games?”. For example here:<. Today I started work by listening to psychotic people laughing.

January 20th 2011

I made rolling like in Soldat. It’s an excellent move and one thing that makes Soldat the game it is.

January 24th 2011

The next LD release will be a different game. Even if there are things to fix & tweak it will be a much better one. I remade the controls and movement to something that is much easier and automatic. At first I wanted the movement to be something the player must tackle and learn. But the results are too determined and even if you learn the controls they sometimes distract from elements in the game that are much more fun. I’m not a fan of making it easy for the player, but having fun is most important. So if you played the game and didn’t like the controls wait for the next release. It will be much easier + it will still have the mastering element because it will allow for learning cool tricks with the use of rolls, flips and wall jumps.

One of the fun things about the alpha version is that nothing is fixed yet. When you pay to play and participate in the game testing you can actively develop the game with me. Many things being implemented right now are ideas we talk about on the message forums. When the beta is out it will be a near finished product and new ideas won’t be so easily added.

January 25th 2011

I improved the code that manages hanging stuff on the soldier. Currently there is a cape and fringe. Today I added a chain attached to the waste for mutants and a mullet. Eventually I want these to be an option that you can choose to wear or not. For Ubermen I added… a hanging head. This will be part of the trophy collecting system, were you walk up to a corpse and cut off its head or rip the heart out and then wear it as an ornament.

January 26th 2011

I just made an animation called bPissAnimation. Also downloaded sounds of piss hitting concrete and gargling. It’s so much fun making this game lately. I’m really thinking of finishing Berserker just for the fun of developing it (or making LD a bit like it).

January 26th 2011

Just watched again this old Berserker preview. Funny thing is it’s my most popular game video on Youtube. People really want this game. If you wonder what happened to this project – it’s officially on hold because I am making Link-Dead.

January 28th 2011

Introducing Gay Mutant with Pickaxe!

January 31st 2011

You might have guessed from the last news that I’ve just finished player coloring. This is an awesome feature that will allow to add more personality into the sprites. Right now mutants can color their pants, skin color and hair.January 31st 2011

Some of the upcoming features:

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