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Hi guys! We have launched our Steam store page and continue to work hard on the game to launch it on Steam as soon as possible. Now we would like to tell you about the work progress.

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Hi guys! We have launched our Steam store page and continue to work hard on the game to launch it on Steam as soon as possible. Now we would like to tell you about the work progress.

You can find Warside here: Now you can follow Warside and add the game to your Wishlist.

Now battle can start even if there is only one real player in queue, but bots will be replaced by real players when they appear.

Done: bots can run, jump, shoot and act quite naturally for bots. Battles with bots can be successfully created and bots already know how to play in such modes as Domination (capturing of control points) and Team-Deathmatch. Bots are also displayed in battle statistics just like regular players. If the real player enters the battle queue, bot will be automatically replaced by the real player.

Left to do: create different types of bots with different weapons and equipment. Add a variety of behaviors to suit the weapon and level of the bot.

Each weapon class has two skill lines, each skill line has 3 skills. The first skill is an active ability the other two are passives that improve the ability. All weapon skills are opened automatically by leveling corresponding skill line within the class leveling interface. So when you level your class you should pay attention which weapons will benefit from chosen skill lines.

Done: Weapon skills leveling interface; server-side logic.

Left to do: develop skills themselves.

Attachments slightly change your weapon stats, for example, you can increase fire rate or extend your clip.

Done: all the interface to install and view attachments; server-side logic.

Left to do: balance the attachment stats; add alternative fire modes.

Your equipment will not break down while in battle, the durability loss is calculated after the battle is finished. Maximum durability of your equipment does not decrease after you item is repaired, therefore your equipment can never be broken beyond repair.

Done: Repair interface; current durability indication; notifications if you have a broken item; durability loss after battle; server-side logic.

Left to do: balance the repair cost with other player’s incomes and expenses.

The craft system will allow you to disasseble unused items and upgrade rarity of favourite equipment. The best weapons in game will be craft-only.

Done: The basic interface and functionality.

Left to do: test the interface, finish the calculation of disassemble and upgrade recipes and then balance it. Add gear recipes. Design and balance legendary weapons craft recepies.

Achievements will provide long and short-range goals for players. Daily and weekly tasks will reward you with special tokens, that can be used to buy better gear. For major achievement you will earn visual customizations.

Done: the majority of achievements were reworked to suit the new class and battle systems. For each class there are some achievements with class weapons and armor rewards.

Left to do: finish the achievements localization; add new achievements for PvE-missions; import achievments to Steam.

These are the most important tasks we worked on last month. Apart from them, we have also fixed the huge amount of bugs, polished a lot of minor issues and are actively working on the balance. Our goal is to give the excellent gaming experience by the release.

Thank you very much for tracking our Warside we will keep you posted on the work progress!

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Is there any chance for serves in the oceanic region?

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KrakenGamesStudio Author

Unfortunately we have limited resources at the moment, so we will start with European and American servers. We might add more servers later

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