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Not dead, come check out some new content I'm showing off to you all today.

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So believe it or not this mod isn't dead and is still being worked on. And I've actually got some content you might like to see about what has happened since I last said anything about the mod.

Lets start with the least interesting screenshot shall we? Here's a new menu!

A new menu! looks pretty snazzy doesn't it?

I really didn't like the default Half-Life 2 menu so I chucked it into the bin, here's a new and improved menu (atleast in my opinion) made by a lad called und in the mapbase discord.

Never shown this next one off (I don't think so at least).

One of the oldest areas I made for the mod.

This is one of the oldest areas I made for this mod, as really in my opinion it was the only one that looked good enough to keep.

The actual game part is still moving along as I continue to block out and playtest more and more levels for the mod.

Block outs! we all love them!

Very much orange!

It's not much to show everyone but for the few people who show interest in this mod I hope this has fulfilled the desire to know where it's been and how it's going. I thank you all for the continued support and interest in this side project of mine.



i love how the vibe for this mod is "the future you're supposed to live in no longer exists"

excellent work, keep it up.

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