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This update features some world fixing, Motionblur option and more resources to collect in the world. New recipes, new options and new sounds are also included!

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New version is around the corner! The build (Or Alpha 6 if you complain about the zeros) Add new resources, new sounds and all your feedback content. This update also fix some old issues and bugs in the game. If you don't like to read, you always have a video:

Update will be released on 10th of September at Desura

Bugs & Fixes

As always, thanks for your feedback, coments, videos and more.

  • Fixed Small issues and bugs
  • Fixed Reduced torch area intensity
  • Fixed Now LOD is Draw Distance in options
  • Fixed Draw distance can't be lower than 10%
  • Fixed Collider size of small stone
  • Fixed Swing tool movement in inventory
  • Fixed Credits content
  • Fixed Bug stone deal fall damage
  • Fixed Close pause menu with Esc
  • Fixed Now HUD disappear in pause menu
  • Fixed Rotation in returned resources
  • Fixed Tutorial content
  • Fixed Strange size of trees
  • Removed interact crosshair

Trees & terrain resources

Now, all the trees leave a trunk when they are cut down. If you chop a tree, you will leave a bit of them in the terrain, forever. The logs dropped by a chopped tree now spawn 4 Wood logs and 3 Bark.
Stones now spawn in the terrain and have already been placed throughout the first island. Keep in mind that the stones is the only resource that respawn. For example, trees are permanent and can't be replanted. Alpha Update Alpha Update Alpha Update Alpha Update

In-game HUD & Inventory

In this update the in-game HUD is smaller and more easy to understand. Now if the inventory is open and you have a tool/weapon in the hands this will not receive the order to attack as in previous versions. No more attacking the poor workshop. You can also unequip your actual tool to become barehanded. Also, if you want to take a screenshot or make a video, now you can hide the in-game HUD pressing F3. Alpha Update

Create system & New resources / recipes

The create items are now stored in categories to be easier to find in the future. In this update there are two categories: Resources and Tools. New resources, Wood log and Bark, both obtainable form the trees. Also, new recipe to create sticks: x1 Wood log = 5 sticks. Alpha Update Alpha Update

Graphic options

As many of you ask for, now exist a Motion Blur option to disable it completely. Additionally, to avoid some problems with "invisible trees", now Level of Detail is called Draw distance and has a minimum of 10%.

If some of you have problems of small windows or by mistake selected a wrong resolution, you can change the graphical options outside the game thanks to PlayerPrefs. More info. (Advanced users). Alpha Update Alpha Update

Islanded Website

Islanded website will be updated to enable a way to pre-order and support Islanded as "Early Access". Will be more info about that in the future.

Remember to search your issues in the Known Issues & Bugs page, and find your answers in the FAQ.

Full changelog of features

  • Added Trunk in trees
  • Added Icon to unequip actual tool
  • Added Stones in the first Island
  • Added LOD to the stones
  • Added Bark resource & icon
  • Added Wood Log resource & icon
  • Added Loot in Big log
  • Added New inventory sounds
  • Added Create categories
  • Added Create recipe for Stick
  • Added Create sounds
  • Added New menu logo
  • Added Now you can skip the intro with Enter, Space or ESC.
  • Added item/tool interact icon
  • Added MotionBlur option
  • Added New improved survival HUD
  • Added Now you can disable HUD with F3


Great update video, but there you can do more here.
Anyway, looks promising, I'll keep track of the game :)

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EngyneCreations Author

Whatever you think that can improve the actual game is totally appreciated.

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