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Hi folks! Welcome to dev update #9. I'm here with some Big Boss News.

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Boss fights!
Yup! This is probably the last big feature before the game is released. I always had the idea to include boss fights into the game at some point, like maybe in an update after release. Then one day, I had a discussion with my composer Dave. We were just one track short from the goal and Dave asked what the final track would be. After some thought I replied: "a boss theme". And with that, I started working on the boss levels.


Here's how I've pictured them to work. In the normal course of the game, you may come to an intersection where one path leads to a boss room. You can then choose whether to fight a boss or not. Fighting bosses in Power Heroes is not mandatory, but if you decide to confront one (and are able to defeat it!), there will be big rewards.


I have three bosses so far: a giant spider, a skull/skeleton and a giant rat, and I have ideas for a couple of more. All graphics are work-in-progress (especially the rat)!


24 hours to go!

When I'm posting this, there are still about 24 hours left to vote for App of the Year 2013. If you want to support Power Heroes, the best way to do so currently is to vote and spread the word about the game! Thanks for your ongoing support!

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Where do I insert my money?

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