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As promized, the team is showing us how they made the day/night cycle work along with the climatic system of Founders.

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Day/night cycle

In most games, the day/night cycle maximizes player immersion and changes game conditions easily.

However, few of those games made it have an important effect on the gameplay and even if nowadays it is common to make nights more dangerous with the spawn of hostile creatures in greater numbers, this cycle isn't really exploited to its potential capacities.

During Founders' early concept development, we had to think about lots of different aspects, and then we went further to find gameplay and technical solutions to solve any problem.

Thus, for the day/night cycle we really wanted to avoid the fact that nights were simply more dangerous but rather create new nocturnal concepts that could provide a separate experience from the day.

With this is mind we established a number of gameplay modifications that would take place at sunset, it is not yet entirely made and for this we would really appreciate help from the community to make night gameplay as exciting as day gameplay.

  • Thanks to night's fresh air the stamina lowers at a slower rate than during day, you can then run faster and longer for example. However, in polar regions the icy nights could have an inverted effect.
  • Some animals are hidden during daytime and only feed themselves at night, it would then be an occasion to spot them easily.
  • Most people sleep at night, you could take that to your advantage to assault cities at lower costs, providing you've made a discrete enough approach
  • The calm at night strengthens focus and allows you to do actions requiring a great dexterity with a reduced chance of failure.
  • Some energy sources only work during the day (whether they come from the sunlight or need employees to be present), you could use that lack of energy in many ways.

This list is too short and will get bigger with your help and ideas.

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Climatic system

The way the weather and climate will work tends to be similar to the real life ones, with arid, polar, temperate, damp zones, and more.

The clouds will not only be present for decorative purposes, they have their own entities, are stopped by mountains, can disappear and appear just like real clouds.

Some machines will be able to alter the climate of a region, thus modifying the living conditions in this region (rainfalls in a desert, a drought in a damp environment).

This very resource-intensive climatic system uses multi-core capabilities by separating each of its components into different threads, which will for once use our under-exploited multi-core systems.

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