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My todo list is again a few items shorter than last week. Here's what I've done (hint: QUESTS).

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My todo list is again a few items shorter than last week. Here's what I've done.


Right from the beginning when I realised that Power Heroes would be an endless game, or more precisely an endless/rpg hybrid, I knew I wanted to have long-term gameplay targets in the form of a mission system. To be honest, it is more or less a requirement nowadays in games like these. So what a better way to do this than looking at how the big boys like Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run and Subway Surfers did it.

Jetpack Joyride: complete a set of missions to level up for coin rewards

Temple Run: complete a set of 3 missions to level up, opening new unlock possibilities

Subway Surfers: complete a set of 3 missions to increase score multiplier

I still have to decide how the final mission/quest system will work in Power Heroes, but the game now supports quests within one play session as well as quests that are not reset between sessions. Now I just have to experiment with them.

Music & Sound

I've been having the hardest time deciding on what kind of music I want in the game. With the visual style that I have, I guess chip music & sound would be an obvious choice. But completely orchestral score has not been ruled out either, and it could give the game a nice contrast when combined with chip sound effects and pixel art.

Any composers out there willing to make a demo track?


Bug fixes.

Particle animation when 4/5 power coins are collected (to visually indicate that power attack is just another coin away).

Updated damage counters that bounce off when enemies are hit.

Got rid of some visual gameplay elements because I felt the screen was becoming too cramped (mainly the "GOOD!", "EXCELLENT!" texts after a successful kill streak).

Started reworking the game over screen because there's a lot of information to be conveyed after the game ends and the next one starts.

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