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Development updates for Particle Shield as of 25 May 2015.

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Extensive updates were made to Particle Shield and ten new screenshots demonstrate several of the upgrades and refined super abilities. A video demonstrating the gameplay will be coming in the near future as screenshots just don't do justice!

UPDATES (25 May 2015)

  • Particle effect for the generation or 'split' of a creep
  • Persistent data enabled for input of high-score feature and future achievements
  • Ability to cancel placement of turret with right-click
  • Implementation of 'hovering' turret to support tower placement and mobile devices
  • Pause functionality with retry and return to main menu options
  • Removed load delay upon completion of a level when trying to return to the main menu
  • Texture atlas finalization for current graphics
  • Addition of floating multiplier effect to show user how much an enemy was worth. Enemies that are killed closer to the goal are worth more multiplier.
    • 1 hex away from goal (50x Multiplier)
    • 2 hex away from goal (20x Multiplier)
    • 3 hex away from goal (10x Multiplier)
    • 4 hex away from goal (5x Multiplier)
    • 5+ hex away from goal (1x Multiplier)
  • Audio feedback for:
    • Initial wave starting
    • Level completed successfully
    • Level failure
    • Unavailable turret placement
    • Activation of all super abilities
      • Quantum Computing
      • Accelerated Railgun
      • Absolute Kelvin
      • Electronic Barrage
      • Prism Laser
      • Black Hole
  • Correction of various bugs as testing continues
  • Fully integrated menu system for level selection (37 levels).
    • Noble Gases/Halogens (Easy)
    • Alkali/Alkaline (Medium)
    • Non-Metals/Metalloids (Hard)
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