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We are less than a month away from the release of Particle Shield. It has been three weeks since the last update and there has been a tremendous amount of work accomplished!

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It has been a three weeks since the last update and there has been a tremendous amount of work accomplished! I intended to post an update last weekend for the progress made but opted to keep pushing forward with development and testing. As a result there are plenty of updates this week for Particle Shield, but most notably was the kickoff for closed testing!

Custom Levels - Designed by the Kickstarter community who supported Particle Shield

Custom Level 3 Custom Level 2 Custom Level 1

Credits - Credits for Particle Shield!

Credits 1 Credits 2

Credits 3 Credits 4

UPDATES (4 October 2015)

  • Game Modifications
    • Bugs
      • Fixed broken User Interface (UI) elements on the Germanium level.
      • Fixed distorted load screens that were not scaling properly with device resolution.
      • Fixed a unique bug that was preventing level completion for mobile builds.
      • Fixed a bug where the tutorial screens would take the player to the wrong level.
      • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar would not function properly on UI menus.
      • Fixed a critical bug which caused the game to crash when the player trapped enemies.
    • Created the custom levels for Kickstarter backers (Antimony, Xenon, Tellurium).
    • Finalized credits menu with special thanks to Kickstarter backers (reward)
      • Added scroll menu to credits
    • Capped player funding at $5,000.
    • Increased Railgun damage by 20% for balancing.
    • Reduced the difficulty for the first two levels based on player feedback.
  • Mobile Development
    • Finalized Apple Development terms
    • Adjusted all UI text to be clear on high resolution mobile devices for the following:
      • Main menu
      • Credits
      • Achievements
    • Modified background image for main menu to scale better across a variety of resolutions.
  • Closed Beta Testing
    • Started initial round of closed testing for players.
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) generated and in place for testers.
  • Marketing
    • Increased activity and responses within Unity Development threads for Particle Shield.
    • Updated Youtube profile for Iced Vision in anticipation for launch.
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