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With the Kickstarter successfully completed, development went into overdrive with numerous additions over the last two weeks!

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The last two weeks of development have been quite productive! Since our last update, we successfully funded Particle Shield as a Kickstarter Project and are now focused on completing the game. The Greenlight campaign continues to move forward slowly, but more importantly it has solidified the idea of a mobile release for the game. As a result, below are the latest and greatest advancements for Particle Shield!

User testing for the game will begin within the next few weeks. If you are interested in testing the game let me know!

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UPDATES (14 September 2015)

  • Mobile Development
    • First complete and functioning mobile build has been created for Android!
    • Adjusted the UI to allow for appropriate scaling across multiple resolutions.
      • Additional tweaks must be applied to ensure the game fits well on multiple devices.
      • Fixed distortion of primary turret menu.
    • Added touch and drag functionality to the game.
      • Players can drag towers onto the grid for placement.
      • Basic touch controls work similar to a mouse click on PC.
  • Achievements
    • Created the basics for an achievement system within the game. Additional work is required to finish this feature.
  • Successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign raising 184% of our goal for a total of $3,688.00!
    • Created the basic credits screen and populated it with available information.
      • Credits screen will list Kickstarter donors who contributed generously to Particle Shield.
    • Sent out level design template for the generation of custom levels (Kickstarter reward)
    • Collected most of the Kickstarter back surveys. If you haven't responded please get to it! This is how I will send you a copy of the game on release day!
    • Finished with 1 of 3 custom levels designed by the Kickstarter community.
    • Updated Iced Vision website upon successful completion of Kickstarter.
  • Removed score tables from the UI along with associated scripts. The number of lives is now the primary factor for determining level success.
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