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Added camera movement and sound effects to enhance the gameplay experience!

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What's New?

-Added parallax background and camera movement following average position of players

-Added sound effects for ships, jumping, and meteor

-Added explosions to the end scene to show the meteor hitting

-Added music to title screen

-Added sound effects to title screen

-Improved visibility of selected button in title screen

-Made ammo reset each round

-Made player who scores last point immediately enter the ship

What's the Motivation?

During playtesting, it was brought up that the background of our game felt a bit too flat, and they suggested using parallax backgrounds to improve it, which is what we did. The camera movement is very small to not interfere with the gameplay, but still gives the feeling of depth when combined with the layering of the background.

People also noticed a lack of a few key sound effects, such as jumping. We added this, along with sound effects for the ship flying and taking off, and the meteor impact at the end. This improves the overall immersive feel of the game, and makes it seem more polished as well.

We also improved the title screen by adding music and sound effects, as well as making the selected button more apparent. This makes it feel much better to navigate.

We also made some minor changes, such as resetting the ammo after each round, and making the player who scores the last point immediately enter the ship. These were suggestions we received from playtesting and make the gameplay feel a bit smoother.

What's Next?

This is the final iteration for our game! We managed to achieve a good state of balance, and the game feels fairly polished. We plan on making a few small tweaks to enhance the experience of players at the showcase!

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