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I am currently busy refactoring most of the underlying system from the prototype and am looking at a first distributable Alpha in about 2 weeks time.

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After a bit of time off in the last 2 weeks this week was mainly spent on refactoring the prototype to a working alpha. Not quite there yet as many of the systems, already present in the prototype, had to be re-designed, as classes were getting to big and the interconnections to unmanageable. The whole thing was starting to look like a nice pot of spaghetti. :P

So far I am confident that the new design will make developing the game easier and more fun :).

Some other things that got done this week that were not in the prototype:

Crude UI functionality

  • Skillbar - this will be the area where the players active skills will be displayed. Currently there are 5 slots that can be activated with the 1 - 5 keys. Skills in slot 1 and slot 2 can also be activated with the L- and R- mouse button.
  • Skillbook - here all the players available skills will be listed. They can be dragged from the book to the skillbar to make them active skills.
  • Inventory - Here all the item that the player picks up will be stored.
  • Equipment - This shows what the player currently has equipped. These items are equipped by dragging them from the inventory to the equipment slot. There are different equipment slots for different types of equipment. i.e. Boots, Chest... etc. Equipped items can affect player attributes such as increase strength and/or decrease agility.

I am looking at a first distributable Alpha in about 2 weeks time.
That will include the gameplay basics. i.e. Killing, Skilling, looting and leveling... oh and possibly (a lot of) dieing. Level wise it will only be a square arena in which waves of really stupid mobs will try and do to you want mobs do. :P
Not sure if it will include any multiplayer but I'll try, if there is time.

Time for some coffee and chocolate... and then its back to the keyboard :)

Refactoring, Refactoring, Crude UI functionality, alpha in 2 weeks

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