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0BC uses libxml, which runs on a diversity of systems. The use of libxml has been reworked in such a way that both artists and all kind of other developers have the least workload possible, increasing 0BC's development efficiency.

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XML Rework:

  • Allow multiple inheritance in both art actor and simulation template XML files.
  • Allow for modularity in component XML schemata.
  • Allow outsourcing of XML schemata which so far had to be defined directly in the component's file as a variable (thus no syntax highlighting or xml error reporting of any kind).

This has been a huge engine update. (The 3rd of its kind.)


Stay tuned for more, e.g. the recent changes to allow for stackable entity epicness - like grabbing that tree stem (if enough force to lift that against the planet's attraction), and then lifting it ontop a trailer to which a tractor may attach to finally carry it home. Yippieh.

0BC Time Machine targets modern time frame too, and even for more ancient tech such features are awesomely useful, imagine you wish to travel with some cowboys and girls across America, how awesome it'd be if you could grab that rope, tie it to the wagon you are travelling with and tie all other wagons together too.

This way you could protect yourself from attacks by Native Indians, though it's doubted they'll attack harmless settlers. Oh am I beginning to like this time machine plan?


That's amazing!

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radagastearendil Author

Can't await to tie those wagons together. We can do anything in 0BC, even catch a wild lion and put it into a house and it'll move inside the house but can't leave it. (the walkable meshes thingy, is basically coded already, but I still need to debug it)

We can also stack together wooden planks and use it to block high mountain passes (there's been a breakthrough last and this week and stacking entities thus is possible now without limits).

I've always missed this flexibility. There are many games where you can capture things, but most of the times it's limited to certain items (e.g. in Settlers VI you only can capture and guard wagons, which is surely not what we want - we want to use all tactics like in the real world, whatever we think can help turn the tide - no artificial limits in 0BC).

I've also never seen a real world graphics simulation, where you can stack things - and use the materials you have for defense should other materials run out. For example if you have some broken tanks, then you should be able to heap them somewhere and use it as a defensive line. In reality that's possible too, but games always put up artificial limits. Our limits will be physics. Nothing else.

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