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The time machine allows construction of roads to accelerate transport or travel, increasing the emphasis on strategy and diplomacy (e.g. to gain access to friendly roads).

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  • Roads have to be researched.
  • Can be constructed.
  • Travelling entities gain speed.
  • Can be captured and destroyed.
  • Therefore allow for more realistic history simulation, e.g. destroying supply lines or industry connections, leading to diplomatic crisis that must be resolved by the player in a wise way.
  • Roads can be converted to bridges and towers and upgraded.
  • They can cross arbitrarily.
  • As side-effect, roads will improve pathfinder performance significantly, very likely allowing for thousands of moving entities in 0 B.C. Time Machine.

Upcoming (Related)

  • Tunnels.
  • More realistic resources.
  • Further pathfinder work.
  • Further working on walkable meshes.
SebaZ_16 - - 307 comments

Awesome!! That is one of the things most RTS lacks off.
One question can the bridges be destroyed? For example if your castle is about to be atacked and you want to slow down your enemy, can you delete them?

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radagastearendil Author
radagastearendil - - 59 comments

It is planned that this takes some time, i.e. if the bridge is ordered to be destroyed, then it depends upon your level of technology how long it will take to take the bridge down.

Consider your civilization knows explosives, this will happen quickly, else it's manual work and you'll need lots of workers, and it's a risky manoever too, so not all workers may survive. The time machine will not lead the player to wrong conclusions by 'magically' destroying the bridge.

Standalone robber groups (artificially intelligent) - 'Robin Hood'-like - will also have the possibility to block roads, valleys, ...

The western period will also be covered, i.e. it's possible 'Calamity Jones' is met, though that needs more research for facts before it'll be added. Native indians or cowboy gangs might destroy, block/rob your bridges, roads/railways too.

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SebaZ_16 - - 307 comments

I begining to think that when you work on an engine you can modify without restrictions there are no limits.

Another question, are you planning on adding ruins? I mean that when a building is destroyed it leaves ruins that can be either rebuilt, or scavenged for resources. And if they are left alone the nature will begin deteriorating them until they disapear completely.

Another thing, when you talk about supply lines, do you mean that i.e. you would have to build a factory to produce rifles, that then would have to be transported to your barracks in order to recruit Riflemen. And if they block/destroy the road/railway your unit produce queue would be stopped, until you kill the assailants or repair the road/railway?

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radagastearendil Author
radagastearendil - - 59 comments

Absolutely, that's what we want the (virtual) time machine to be, the full set of strategy and realism (especially on the higher abstraction level, i.e. the unit personality, requirements and feelings won't be modeled in full detail, but the higher level interconnections will, e.g. people gain experience, grow in size and their beards get longer, and they'll influence policy of a civilization depending on complex interactions, skill and opinion - like it is in the real world).

Ruins sound great, they'll definitely be added, buildings must be kept in good shape (mostly the units/settlers/people will do this automatically but the player can intervene, help or whatever).

Of course you can give order to units to disassemble e.g. a windmill to use the wings, bricks, ... for other purposes, e.g. to block roads or to use the wings as temporary bridge to allow crossing a smaller river. The sky is the limit here.

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SebaZ_16 - - 307 comments

Are you considering the idea of giving units the capacity of looting enemy corpses in search of weapons to equip your own units? Significantly reducing the cost of recruiting them.

Or giving the player the capacity to create custom units? And not only units, siege weapons, defensive buildings, tanks and other vehicles also. Of course you would need architects or engineers researching and designing them before you can use them, and also some factions should be better at it. In order to avoid having a celtic tribe constructing onagers before coming in contact with the romans.

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Skhorn - - 5 comments

Wow comrade, wow!!!!
That's awesome! it's nice to see you back dude :)

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