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In this development report we want to focus on the things that will be added in version 0.3 and take a quick look on the things that still need to be improved.

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Hello and welcome to this development report!

Before I start with this weeks development report I want to point some things out and say a huge Thank-you to you all. The release date of version 0.3 is coming closer and closer and there are still some things to do. We will however be ready to launch this version on the 12th of december this year and we're really looking forward to that day! Over the past few months we've put so much effort in the development of SurviveOn, so we could see it coming closer to a stable game eventually. As we take a look at what we achieved with version 0.3 we think our work really paid off. We aren't the most skilled developers or the best designers on the planet but we think we took a huge step forward in making SurviveOn the game we imagined when we first started working on the project. While we really want people to apreciate our work, you don't always make a game just for others - you really just make games for yourself. Or at least that is what we think.So again:

Thanks to everybody who donwloaded the previous versions, gave us feedback our just read one of our articles! You are the reason we keep on doing this. - Did that sound weird?

- Well anyway, let's just start with the new development report...


Menu Menu

Let's start at the beginning of the game, the menu. For version 0.3 we did a complete rework of the old menu assets and replaced most of them with fresh, new ones. For example: We replaced the boring background pictures with a big, lively 3d-environment! That way you will stare into the environment of the game from the very beginning, take a sneak-peak on what's going to await you in the world of SurviveOn. By clicking buttons you will explore more of the menu.


The zombies are probably the biggest change of the whole version. While still being pretty dumb when it comes to pathfinding, we've made huge progress in the development of a new enemy character. It lacks an idle animation at the moment but we're working on it.




The map of SurviveOn has grown from an empty, boring place to a colorful environment near completion. Tons of new assets have been integrated in the new version and a lot more are going to be added in the future. We've done a big visual overwork of most of the areas and with the help of image effects the world looks even better and more colorful at day. The island in the middle of the map will be accesable for the player in an update coming shortly after the 0.3 launch. It has been completely overworked and filled with objects. The forest, which was located in the South-eastern part of the map has been recreated and the trees have been replaced with new assets by SpeedTree.

One more thing: SurviveOn will be completely free-of-charge for everybody! Whenever we release a new version you can just go ahead and download it here from IndieDB or from the website! Thanks for reading and if you feel like the game deserves it, we would really apreciate if you click the button below to support us at this years IOTY-Award!

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