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Talking about development once again! This is the final part of this development thingy.

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Hello! This has been a good month for puzzled, I've been working on it a bit more, the teaser trailer was a hit, and we surpassed 1000 views! Also, this will be the last development article with "PTblank" in the title. Anyways let's get to the news.

I feel like this partly working on puzzled is really good for me. It lets me do other stuff without worrying about it and either way I get some good stuff done. This may slow down the development, but I feel it is a lot better for me.

If you have been looking at the images, you have probably seen that green HUD I made. If not, Go check it out! This will not be the final look of the HUD though, I had changed it nearly immediately after I uploaded that picture. I'm thinking of uploading a pic the newer version.

Also, still talking about the HUD, Instead of the HEV Suit from half-life 2 to get the HUD, you will now find a device called the "ZeroPoint Facilities H.U.D Device" (also yes that is the name of the place you go to in the game). It will act the same, but there won't be any noises for when you fall and hurt yourself, such as "Minor Fracture detected", and the list goes on.

Wontairr Johnson, We're Done Here.

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