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New article! and we will be talking again about the development of Puzzled.

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Hello! It's been a long time since there has been any news about Puzzled, but now we have some right here!

I am partially working on Puzzled. Every now and then I touch up one of the maps or add a new thing. I have just started to work on the next area of a map now.

The development is still "paused" in a way. What an "unpaused" form of development for me is working on it every day.

I started doing this project because I needed/wanted to do something big for once. Something that people could be waiting for and excited for.

Now I don't know if I had said this before, but one big stopping point for me working on Puzzled is because well, I don't know how to make puzzles. I know it sounds shocking, A person making a puzzle game with no knowledge on how to make a puzzle. But that's another reason why I'm making this. It's to conquer a game genre I barely care/know about. (besides portal 1 and 2, they are amazing)

But now that that's over. Thanks for reading.

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