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This is just a Development Progress for Portal Inside Out Mod

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Portal Inside Out Mod - Development Progress

Maps Progress

Test Chamber 01 : Concept completed and not yet developed ( 15% )
Test Chamber 02 : The map has been fully developed. But errors when starting the map. ( 63% )
Test Chamber 03 : Concept completed and now currently mapping. ( 27% )
[Test Chamber 04 => more than 15 Test Chambers has no concepts yet]

Sounds and Voices Progress

New Sound Effects : ??
Announcer: ??
GLaDOS: ??
Virus: ??

Infected_GLaDOS wrote: It doesn't matter If you like or love me... or even your own girlfriend...


(No soundtracks or music are been made from any developers. But I might try to compose some.)

NOTICE: This article gets updated any time while we are working on the Mod.

Portal Inside Out Development Team
[F0B] Company

(Oh and... Yes. I don't have any much informations on my Steam Profile. They are just Contacts.)

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