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On this news, I speak of the development of mod on the Playstation 3 platform.

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Having obtained the build tools to write the unreal engine under PS3, I get my mod on this platform.
However, I do not have a PS3, but a PC and an Xbox 360. I could not give any guarantees with respect to stability, or even the operation of MOD on the PS3.
In terms of installation, players of Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 should know the process to install mods on their machine.
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There would be no point. Your trying to make a mod which makes UT3 better looking, and this always comes at a cost of performance.

UT3 on the PS3 has not got good hardware (relatively)and had to be optimised to be run smoothly. Therefore you would have to optimise which would defeat the point of the mod.

hope I was clear. :)

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stylersnico666 Author

Thank you for your warning

On my relatively powerful PC (Core i7 and SLI GTX 470) I had the right to big drops framerates.

If by misfortune in the UT3 PS3 was limited to 30 FPS, very few of the mod map could be played.

( The maps which caused a decrease in almost all FPS have been optimized, now there is only one map recalcitrant )

Again, thank you for your warning, it saves me unnecessary work.

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