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This Month, I wanted to find a way to share the news of Development from ArmStalker Team, directly with you here at Moddb. So please, have a look at some of the new features planned in the last month, and some already added to the test server!

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ArmStalker Development Newsletter

By Uncle Boom


Hello Everyone,

Here I am sharing some of the News from the last month, from the fields of Development for the upcoming Total Conversion Modification for Arma 3: ArmStalker Online.

This last month has been busy, on many different fronts.... First of all, there was a sizable update to Arma 3, bringing 64bit support to the game, and possibly causing a huge amount of problems for the team. These large updates to Arma often complicate mod maker's efforts, undoing the work they have been striving to perform for months... But this Update was against all expectations.... There were no real problems with the mod!!

We saw a new location from the CEZ Terrain which is still in heavy development...

Emerald Resort, shared by one of the Developers of ArmStalker Team - Uncle Pecheneg



More Photos available at my Archive for all the CEZ photos released from the team:

- Public PVP+PVE server is Coming Soon!

The Team are hard at work building a server for the world to play on, a 200 slot server, with 5 factions, and the whole of the Alpha Zone terrain to explore.... Announcements any day so Stay Tuned! .... Here is a screen of the map, with capture points spread across the Zone for groups to attempt to control.17349883 366978623702760 8135797

.... Also there is a New Video from the Team, showing new work on the Chimera!

Detects at 500m, Chases for 2km, and takes limited damage from smaller caliber weapons!

This thing looks like it will give any group a run for it's money!


The team have started a contest in our community to collect some Single Player Missions made with the mod. This is all very early work, and no talk of a sandbox style mission that will emulate the environment of the online mode - but still - this is exciting for people who have wanted a single-player component to ArmStalker Online


All of this and more can be found in my April Development Newsletter, made in Sway for outstanding quality and accessibility!

Thanks and Stay Tuned Everyone!


Looks great so far. Maybe we wont have to wait for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 afterall, but i lets be honest, do you think that its real to have 200 slots server where PvP is a thing and not a lagfest where players are teleporting all around, hits not bein registered and overall massive lags included? It usually ends this way when someone starts big server, because lot of players that connects have ****** PC and connection and when they are playing with 200+ ping they are ruining game for others too. Soo are you sure that you have enough money for very good hosting? Because 200 slots servers need very good one.

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LLIacTa Author

Well. I can understand the skeptisicm, even though it sounds like you don't play Arma very much, being that there are 200 slot servers running daily where "pvp is a thing".... If 200 slots are too much we can cut them back, but, we wont need to. As for money to host, money wont fix the problems you are talking about, paying that money to use others equipment wont fix it either. All of this seems a little premature, and I am never thankful to any of you who want to cast shadows on a project I work hard to share with you. We dont rent servers, guy - so dont worry about us, even though I know you arent worried here.... Our Team comes to us with news and we take them at their word, after all, they are the one building this project that is fundamentally different from so many many others, they have amassed a huge community and following, not by hype, and not without delivering on their word. to measure your own performance, and to decide if a public server located in Russia will be playable for you, lets wait and see it when it opens.

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I would give my left tescitle for SP free ream with simplified quest or two =D

Arma3 almost looks like the best platform for this kind of thing. ONly thing Arma despretly lacks compared to stalker are shadow casting lightsources. I dont mean sun and moon, I mean all the other lightsources. In stalker that is half of the atmosphere at places!

Good luck to you ! =D

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Good luck !

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