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Development progress update. A lot of new tools are now available in both the editor, as well as inside the main engine.

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Making a lot of progress today!

There be coins & emitters
Special collider group for coins, per object emitter basis (die)
There be collision detection on coins
Overlay tiles for walls that go over the player
✔ Dynamic TileObject (with custom properties) - for chest & triggers
✔ Dynamic save data per level file
✔ Dynamically add killed enemies to level save file
✔ Added RESPAWNS as a object property
✔ Look dialog window on chests
✔ Chest object
✔ Moved settings to global class
✔ Reconfigured the main screen
✔ Start automatically fullscreen mode, by setting
✔ Added catch if engine is not able to load level.tmx file, ESC shows menu
✔ Show build / version at runtimeNavigation
✔ Dynamic sortable navigation menus

Debuggin' tools
✔ Navigate to App folder (opens a new finder / explorer window)
✔ Navigate to App storage folder (opens a new finder / explorer window)

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