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The game was released on July 19 as promised. Desura not answered me from 23 july .Documents on the game were provided in full. What cause do not know.
I made a simple page for my projects - there you can download a demo version.
In plans finish draw content and GUI, write last features of the game and final)
I have interest in engine Unity3D, and i think i can do port project to other platforms.
The Features game have now:
- Time line- Day ,night
- Dynamic lvl demons and savages
- Nigthmare mode - very strong demon and savages in the night.
-Shops - market and weapons, dynamic price in shop
- Location in the forest are dynamic
- You can take a job
- You cat relax in distric madam shadow
- You can made beads
- Ability to pump skills with master in guild and after fight or hunt
- You can buy house
- not all..
best regards

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