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We have delayed most of all development until this summer. (no we are not giving up this project).

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After keeping quiet for a while, I have decided to do the right thing and inform our fans that we have halted almost all development progress until this summer. I hope to then begin fresh with new, more organized development, working much more often and harder to bring this mod to a beta 1 release.
I am not saying that I am killing the mod, in fact, I wouldn't consider myself a person who would even consider killing a mod, and I hope it will never come to that, but Yes I will have to say I am delaying almost all development until this summer, most of the development team has been too busy with life issues to have an organized development plan right now. I am sorry, this is not goodbye, but it is something I hope you will understand we have to do.

As for some mod news of things done since the last update I can provide (to hopefully remedy some disappointments), we have had Retroboss (a mapper from the original Global Operations: Source mod)
inform us of a map he has been working on in secret for several years for the mod "Insurgency"
called (ins_srilanka). We were not given permission to tell you about it's existence or provide screenshots until now when it was recently released. It is heavily based off of the original Global Operations map, with many fixes for issues it had such as spawn camping. Retroboss has let us use the map in our mod, and we are working with him on integrating it as a stock map. Other news is going to be withheld for the time being. Thank you for your support global operations fans!


SUMMER!!!!! HOLIDAYS!!!!! Lazy days - More delays :P

or not...? (=

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A little more than a month with no development, I can live with that.

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