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Welcoming this 2015, HESK: Hyugaren greets the newborn year with new features and expanded items, but with some troubles in the way. All lastest news inside this article.

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In the new features chapter, hardware shaders are the real deal. Now Vignette effect it's fully programmed into GLSL.

Vignette on

Vignette off

However, if this feature isn't of your liking, you can always disable it, along with the remaining visual features (And with almost any other feature in the game) through the HESK Options menu.

Please take note that some shaders can't be disabled, like hud shaders,
which brings animation to some hud items [i.e.: Health bar].

Also, we must mention the further expansion of the HUD. You can encounter up to three icons at time above the inventory's HUD, with varying duration and appareance, which will lead us into the next chapter: Expanded items.

Some items will have a lasting effect. One of them is the "Immunity Enhancer". This item will enhance the resistance of your Immune System for a limited period of time, thus draining it more slowly if you run out of armor. The duration of its effect will be noted by the varying icon: The icon will gradually start to disappear at the same time as the drug effect.

Note that you can only take up to three non-immediate effect drugs at time.

Some items can be encountered with variations of themselves. In this case, there are three variations of the Immunity Enhancer:

Type I: This variation has a moderate duration, with a moderate immunity resistance.
Type II: This variation has a long duration, with a weak immunity resistance.
Type III: This variation has a short duration, with a strong immunity resistance.

Sadly, in bewteen all this progress, the development faced some issues too. As some followers knows, this mod was initially developed for ZDoom, not for it's OpenGL variant. It still have most of the original code, and the original map build, which (I think) it's what brought some troubles.

Version 2.0.3 of GZDoom has a new improvement: Fully hardware rendering for lighting. The only thing with this is that it needs a different method of mapping. Lighting applied as in HESK: Hyugaren (Specially sector lighting for altitude fog) make a huge stress with this kind of rendering, thus reducing significantly performance. Version 1.8.02, however, has a different way to render this old method of lighting, which keeps the performance at best.

On the other hand, I'm having huge problems with custom shaders in 2.0.3. Those who worked well in 1.8.02 will crash at the very start of the updated port.

For this reason, and although it can be seen as a kind of regression, HESK: Hyugaren will be developed for GZDoom 1.8.02, not for 2.0.3. I hope you can understand, and I'm sorry all this inconvenient.

I'm gonna update once I have more info to give about the development of those features here mentioned. Also, some other major features will be unveiled after I can resolve this inconvenient.

See you later, and remember: Winners don't use drugs. But in Hyugaren, they must.


Awesome mod again, nice to see it in development :)

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Charon1970 Author

Thanks, CED!

(I noticed we are neighbours. Greetings from the GBA!)

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Did I mention last time that it was stunning? If so I'm saying it again! Great job mate.

Have you try the latest GZdoom build? Maybe they address some of your issues you're having right now.

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Charon1970 Author

Thanks Solid-Head!

Yes, I tried the last build of GZDoom, but it drops the performance under the floor and reachs the seventh gate of hell. Also, it mess up my shaders, and I do not have the proper knowledge (yet) to find a way around and make them work in that recent version of the port.

I think version 1.8.02 have enough capabilities to finish Hyugaren sucessfully, without messing with the performance.

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