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After a rather long hiatus, work on Balthasar's Sorrow is being continued.

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Hello there!
Some of you people may have downloaded the first "demo" release of Balthasar's Sorrow. And those who did that probably felt confused when the cellar door was locked and jumping around the entrance caused them to fall through the floor, right into the endless space known as the void.

Well, fear no more, both of these bugs have been fixed. Balthasar's Sorrow is being continued and is about 1/4 done. The first thing done was a complete overhaul - notes being rewritten, areas being added, locked doors being unlocked and an intro being added. Also, it's going to feature a custom soundtrack (although I will still use original music) and riddles other than find-key-then-proceed-to-unlock-door.
Oh, and because of a natural hate for locked doors, I will try to have as little as possible. But sometimes, you just need one! :D
Nonetheless, exploration will be possible and rewarding. And who knows what'll be in the room the monster just crashed out from? You should hurry though, because straying during a chase sure is deadly.

So, stay tuned for a full release very soon! Expect it to be out until next month!


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