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Hey there! It's me again. I'm posting the Dev builds here with their release notes and what I will try to add for the next version or what I already did.

Current Version: DEV 005


Individual Links

Development Build 001 (16/03/2017):

Development Build 002 (17/03/2017):

Development Build 003 (22/03/2017):

Develpment Build 003 Linux (25/03/2017):

Development Build 004 (27/03/2017):

Development Build 004 Linux (27/03/2017):

Development Build 005 (03/04/2017):

Development Build 005 Linux (03/04/2017):

Folder Link

(contains all the Builds)

Folder Link:

Release Notes

Development Build 001:

  • Initial release

Development Build 002:

  • Added a "Controls" section on the menu
  • Changed the Drop model
  • Changed the Menu game name from "Survival Game" to "Alone"
  • Graphical Settings now apply as soon as the game is loaded instead of after loading the menu
  • Fixed the resolution slider, now it doesn't go to default after re-opening the Options menu
  • Added a resolution scale indicator in numbers
  • Food and water are now obtainable in random locations in the map
  • Changed the placeholder icons to some nicer icons from (credits to Noun Project)

Development Build 003:

  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.15 from 4.12
  • Added LODs to the meshes in the map for better performance
  • Removed the black background in some menus and applied blur instead

Development Build 004:

  • Added a building system
  • Changed the Food and Water decay from 1 point per second to 1 point each 2.5 seconds
  • Doubled the wood and stones drop for a better balance with the Building System
  • Reworked the inventory
  • Now the energy bar and sprinting system works properly

Development Build 005:

Note: Dev Build 005 is not a patch, is a full release

  • You can plant trees with the tree seeds
  • Added a skills system, skills are obtained by chopping and mining
  • Fixed a bug that made the first placed floor free
  • Added a saving system, it saves skills, player inventory, stats (stamina, hunger, health), buildings and position.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow to get the drop object and amount
  • Changed the building costs to adjust them to the skills system

How to install a patch

Go to the root folder of the game, should look like this:

Sin ttulo 1

Nice censoring there

And extract the RAR file there, replace if it asks to and run the game. If Dev Build version in the menu correspond to the one you installed, good job! You installed the patch succesfully.

Features for Build 006:

-Removed a unused collision in front of the player
-Tweaked the color saturation and some post processing effects
-Added a bow and arrow system

That's all for now. I'll keep updating this article when releasing updates so don't forget to check it out on a regular basis

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