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A look back on what we've been working on during October

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Hello all and time again for the monthly update. This month has been a little hectic for me as I got married at the end of September! Between organising this and then going on honeymoon I was not in work much at the start of the month.

Since that I've been busy coding the procedural world generation system. We've had to use a few work arounds to get around some limitations in Unity to do with the way Navigation meshes are baked. I have also written an editor extension to make setting up these worlds easier. We'll be demonstrating this system at GaMaYo (Game Makers Yorkshire) on November 19th and will be releasing all the details in a dev blog after that event so I won't reveal too much now ,what I can say is that no map in Lithic will be the same twice unless it needs to be for storyline levels.

Hey folks! Been an interesting month for me, especially since a week of it was spent on jury service. I may have also crashed my car a little bit (read: wrecked it completely) so I’ve had plenty of fun sorting that out. Luckily I walked away from it unharmed. Although the time away has been interesting I’ve been keen to get back to development.

I'm continuing to work on the Spirit Animals so stay turned for an update in the coming weeks and for a look into the tools I’ve been using you can read the Mecanim blog I wrote a fortnight ago here. We appear to be over the recent spat of road bumps we've hit recently (more detail can be found in Tom's blog from last Friday) so we can now switch into a higher gear and plough forward with further implementation of mechanics and move into world building in preparation for early access.

Next month looks like we'll be heading to GaMaYo in Leeds so keep an eye out for us if you're going to be there! Also we'll have a post-convention post for you afterwards so if you can see how it went for us. This'll be our third GMY and it's awesome to see what others are working on and seeing their game development progress along with ours. If you'd like more info on GMY you can head to their website here.

As always thank you so much for your support, I know that's an overused phrase but it's very true – without you guys we wouldn't be able to do what we're doing so you have our sincerest thanks. If you'd like to ask us any questions you can caress our forums with you fine words here or alternatively hit us up on twitter @LithicTheGame or @StudioFlintlock. Stay schwifty folks.

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