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The next major update will feature graphics overhaul, new player characters, clothing system and a range finder.

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

We are working on a major update that will bring multiple requested improvements to the game. It will include biggest graphics improvement yet, new player characters, clothing system and a range finder. Find out more in this blog!

Here is a video showcasing what has already been done:

Graphics overhaul

The game is being changed to HDRP graphics pipeline. It means that all game materials, lights and shaders need to be reworked to take advance of this technology. When the whole process is ready it will make the game look better.

Water has already been reworked. Water has waves and reflections.

Trophy lodge materials have also been reworked. The performance of lodge was also drastically improved.

Distant terrain has more detail.

Bushes that the player runs through will sway.





New player characters


New players characters will replace the old characters after the next update. There will be a young male, female, and an older male character to choose from.

Hunting clothing

We are working on different hunting clothing you will be able to purchase. The idea is the better clothing will make less sound and make you more camouflaged.

Range finder

Range finder will offer more functionality than the existing binoculars. With it you’ll see the distance to the point you’re looking at in meters.



Visual rework for Ankylosaurus

New model has been built for Ankylosaurus and is now being animated. AI and behavior will also be improved.


Wounded dinosaur visuals

Dinosaurs that have been gotten damage from other dinosaurs will show blood on their skin making it easier to identify wounded dinosaurs.


These improvements you can expect to see in the next update :)

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. What would you like to see next?

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Awesome! Very good progress.

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