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first of all, as always we are very low on man power these days, and we can use any help you can give us, comrades

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All this stuff is work-in-progress and subject to change. Your opinion will be taken seriously, if explained properly.

Greetings Comrades!
First of all, as always we are very low on man power these days, and we can use any help you can give us, comrades

Now lets get to the real stuff! Lately we were working on some new technologies such as the Black hand flame tank and allied communication center and some new shaders work.

Also we got a very cool update in baking mode right now, and we will release it in a few days.

Devils Flames
Woot?! another flame based weapon besides the flame traktor?! yes comrade! this time its the new and improved black hand flame tank that was inspired from the scavengers idea of making a mobile flame turret and was upgraded using an old soviet tank.

Devils Flame

Allied communication center - help to send Rods From God

Allied communication center

Bomb Dog - black hand bomb dog, strong vs enamy tanks
[NOTE: no real dogs were harmed or took part in making of this unit. please do no panic...the following unit is for game properties only! and was inspired by real events from WWII]

Bomb Dog

Covert Ops - Black Ops basic infantry

Covert Ops

Special announcement

Think we're doing it right? Got skill, motivation or inspiration? But perhaps you're still learning, and it's still a hit or miss... what then? Our policy - no pain, no gain.

C&C Renovatio welcomes YOU.

Send basic info (bio, specialties, examples) to one of the following emails:

Oleg - Oleg_Balzanov{)at{)yahoo{)dot{)com

They're weird, but bots aren't dumb these days.
Or PM us here in ModDB, anyway.

Unity. Peace. Brotherhood.
The Renovatio Modteam.

trancemaster_1988 - - 3,038 comments

Awesome preview!

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AirborneSn1p3r - - 3,137 comments

great update, i cant wait for the mod!

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SG1Shadow - - 597 comments

awww poor dogs

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Darkkane - - 40 comments

I just had to chime in here and congratulate you on your progress. I especially like your art approach of the flame tank (the idea that by using Red Alert material slowly begin to push out prototypes of C&C:TD units is very appealing); it really fits your theme of an in between game based on the original C&C storyline.

Great work guys, keep it up! =)

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FreedoM*FighteR Author
FreedoM*FighteR - - 300 comments

Thank You Darkkane!!!! we are trying to do our best :)

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