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Decided to write mini article about developing Scrap Garden, retrogaming, dying 3D platformers and little bit about me.

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Nostalgia and 3d platformers.
For most of people "retro, old school games" are associating with pixel art, mario, tetris, old atari and nes consoles. I think these words are abstract and personal for each person. When i was a child, i had a playstation 1 and all amazing games like spyro, crash bandicoot, donkey kong, sonic and croc. My favourite video game genre always was 3D platformers and these games for me is retro nostalgic games.

Who I am?
When I was at school I was interested in Pixar animated films and I tried to find out how they made all this 3D stuff. I started learning 3D modeling and texturing simply by watching online 3Ds max, blender and photoshop tutorials and reading books. Now I am 3rd year IT student at university, I have experience in many industries, I had intership in video industry, filming shortfilms, music clips, editing video, creating motion graphics, then i tried myself in project management and organising events, also I had some freelance work as 3D modeler and graphic UI designer. In my free time i was learning game development and participated in various gamedev events and gamejams. Once I have played one indie game on steam called "Woodle Tree Adventures" and it really reminded me the childhood. I started searching for more similar games, but unfortunately nothing was found.

Dying genre.
I find out that nowadays most of game companies moved to action genres and sadly it seems that 3D platformers genre has come and gone. I think that I am not the only one who would love to see another game in 3D platformers genre. Thats how i started developing my own 3d platformer called Scrap Gardenr.

Indie developing by youself.
When i work on Scrap Garden, i always have to do things on my own. Simply because i had no way of getting someone else work for me. It is a big challenge for me, because when you make a game on your own, you need to be good at all areas, whether it modeling, coding or sound design.
And what is your opinion on this topic?

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Great article, great story, Egidijau :)
Paragraph about "Indie devs by themselfs" wraps your article very accurately in fact.

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