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Particle Shield will need a place to live when it is ready to launch. I've been busy establishing the foundation of my first gaming company!

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I've been hard at work putting together the foundation (you might call boring office stuff) which will be the support infrastructure where Particle Shield and all future game developments will erupt from! This unfortunately doesn't leave much to show to the gamers out there but other developers can certainly understand the grave importance of the business side. This weeks updates will be short and to the point. As a sweetened bonus to working on the trailer, I included the five seconds of footage for Particle Shield. More is to come!

UPDATES (12 July 2015)

  • Added Facebook link into IndieDB in the hopes that MAYBE somebody new will like the game via social media. If not, maybe the video will help.
  • Cleaned up social media sites and IndieDB. Specifically I removed the excess media which was more for development purposes.
  • Captured and made initials cuts on all video for the upcoming trailer. This has taken the majority of my time as I needed to create the highest quality video from my latest build. For those who haven't used it, I highly recommend Open Broadcast Software. This free piece os software can be optimized to provide high quality (1080p HD) video for use in game trailers as well as live streams. I had never used it before and once I had it optimized to run well with my machine, I was very pleased with the outcome.

It may not appear like much has occurred since the last update but I can assure you there are great things brewing!

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