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Ongoing work with level design, marketing and a handful of new game features.

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This week I was out of town but still able to complete a significant amount of work on the game. Unfortunately there aren't any screenshots to show most of the work that was accomplished as it was either paperwork related or advancements with the marketing plan.

UPDATES (14 June 2015)

  • Designed all 37 levels which will be included in the final release of the game. There is quite a variety within the design and several will require the player to think quickly and critically to obtain victory.
  • Continued to spread the word for Particle Shield and provided demos of the game via development builds.
  • Created high score tracking and display functionality when completing a stage successfully. Stage performance will be ratable with up to three stars being the maximum.
  • Marketing
    • Established and customized social media tools in preparation for marketing campaign.
    • Modified game summary and background information. Updates were posted to IndieDB and the Facebook page for the game.
    • Downloaded and became familiar with several marketing tools which will be necessary to promote Particle Shield effectively.
    • Identified possible distributors
    • Identified key media outlets
    • Contacted several individuals to provide feedback and possible support for upcoming trailer.
    • Identified and downloaded appropriate music in support of trailer.

While it may not seem like much was accomplished this week, I was able to make significant gains with the "office" side of creating games. This facet of the process is absolutely necessary if I plan on making games as a future career. It may not be as flashy to the gamers, but it is certainly important!

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