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A look at our progress into the 4-10 hour mark of gameplay in Diaspora. This article focuses on the first half of the Kingdom of Kairon and what to expect.

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What's new in Diaspora - RPG?

Since our announcement of Diaspora, we have been diligently working on main development items as well as hiring talented contractors who have begun working on character and enemy art. We have added another six hours of gameplay into the games development putting us right around the 10 hour mark. So in other words, we are a fifth of the way there!

We have been working hard on locations on the second continent the player will visit in the game who is ruled by the Kingdom of Kairon. This is a lush and large landscape with many hidden secrets and long forgotten ruins. It is also home to the richest towns and castles in the game so we plan to remain in development here for a while since these locations will require a lot of custom assets and polish to stand out.

It is also on this continent where the game will take a new story arch and introduce new characters to our small band of heroes who where with us in the first parts of the game. Diaspora's characters are all very unique from eachother and as we begin getting completed artwork in for each of them, we will be posting Character Spotlight articles that will cover each character in-depth that you will come across or fight alongside in Diaspora.



Small coastal fort on the northern coast of Kairon. Seven years ago, Captain Ailfred's company was a part of the northern invasion of Kairon. Although the invasion failed, the fort and much of the northern territory was captured and still ruled by the Vooresh today.


During the invasion, the Vooresh military outmatched their Kairon counterparts on the field of battle. The Kingdom of Kairon, knowing they could not win with brute force alone, abandoned their northern realm and built a large defensive wall in the pass of the mountains that lead into the central lands of Kairon. The Mountain Gate withstood many assaults until the Vooresh turned their attention on the Kingdon of Hess-Erabi and left Kairon but a garrison to hold their new lands recently conquered.


Kairon is the wealthiest country in the world and it shows in the homes of the rich and powerful. Seen in this image is the home of Lester in the city of Aldair. Like all cities in Kairon, the rich flaunt their money, but severe poverty strikes those lowest in society. Lester's mansion sits on top of Aldairs highest point, symbolic of the wealthy vs. poor stature.


But peaceful tranquility still finds it's way even to the wealthiest of towns. At night time, seedy elements of the towns underbelly show that Kairon, although wealthy and arrogant, still has it's own sets of problems just like everyone else.


Wilton Woods, in central Kairon showcases some parralax mapping Diaspora will offer. Wilton Woods is famous for many adventurers entering, but never coming out. What secrets lie in these majestic woods?


Long lost locations on Kairon can be found by the best explorers. Who built these magnificent structures and why?


Work will continue on the second continent. The next locations are the capital city of Kairon (Abel) and Fort Abel. We hope to also do another parallax map as a side quest mission we have planned when you get inside Fort Abel that if all goes well, will give the player an exciting boulder dash style of gameplay reminiscent of some of the most intense scenes in classic RPG games where wave after wave of enemy blocks you every few feet without break or give. Fingers crossed what we have planned can pan out to how we are imagining it.

We would like to thank everyone for your feedback and support as development on Diaspora continues. It is your support why we push ourselves so hard and outside of our limitations and boundaries to bring you a classic style JRPG we always wanted.

Until next time!

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Look great and promising!

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