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Developer notes: September 2010 It's been another month. School has started. But that didn't stop me from making more notes and work on the maps.

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While I'm trying to think of a monster, I try to not to make it scary, I want it to look dangerous. After all, this is not really a horror mod (although the second chapter is going to be in the dark). When I draw the new monster, I start thinking- what can it do with it's body, what are it's abilities, how will it behave e.t.c.


This creature came to my mind from the nothing. I call it Dragozi because I had to think of a name (do you have any idea why is the cat called Cat?). Let the pictures talk for themselves:

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Same thing here:

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Gas mask-Claws:

My latest idea. I want to add him in the second chapter. The head is small, but I think the rest of the body is nice.

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Car driving:

I have been driving a real car only two times. It's enough for me to find out what is it like driving a real car and how is the car working. That's why I decided to make two developer notes about driving. I think I have thought of a more challenging, realistic and fun in-game driving:

User Posted Image User Posted Image

I hope you understand the signs.

More info about the medical stuff:

More info and usage:

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I added a tail...

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Map progress:

Here are some more views from the first map:

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Right now I have some inspiration for making the second chapter. So I have started mapping it.


I have recently started making music using Fruity Loops 9. I'm still mastering it. So far it's really easy and fun for me. But the making the melody sound good is the real challenge. So far I have made 3 melodies for the second chapter. I'm going to post some music later.

Sorbitar - - 417 comments

hey tnk, just thought I should give you some constructive criticism. First of all, its good to see so much enthusiasm from young Developers such as yourself. I've been involved in the modding scene since 1996 (the good old days hehe) and I have to say I am truly impressed with your drive. It's definitely refreshing!

However, I would really encourage you not to use imageshack as your media host for mod related eyecandy, apart from taking ages to load, it really isn't the most user friendly environment (ie. too much traffic and your work gets disabled). I can understand if you might not want to display your WIP screenshots on your mod profile's image bank, but at least upload them to your user profile and link them from there. It will run much smoother, not to mention cause less hassle.

I also noticed a few spelling mistakes on your work. This isn't really a big issue - especially since english isn't your first language (nor is it mine) - but it does question a developer's credibility.

Your character and feature ideas are definitely on the right track, however, with out wanting to come across like a hard ***, I have the impression you are trying too hard in some respects. For example, using manual over automatic gear changes when driving is great (and personally I think a lot more fun, having driven both), but is it something that would actually add to your mod's atmosphere? If you find that it most definitely will add to it, you should go for it - but then ask yourself if you can simplify it to a point where you have the functionality of manual driving without causing players to get stressed out.

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Sorbitar - - 417 comments

(gotta post this in two bits)

I found that modding and being creative with your concepts, regardless of the engine you're using, always requires you to question your ideas. Is it feasible? Is it fun? Will it add to the environment, or will it annoy the players? Having ideas is great, turning those ideas into something playable is even better - but finding out that your great idea somewhat ruined the experience is a real motivation killer.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from. I think its brilliant that you're modding, and not just that, but that you're modding on gold source while most of today's developers would rather go for next-gen engines. I'd just hate to see so much enthusiasm, which you have already shown, go to waste because of simple mistakes. Keep up the work and good luck!

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AlekZanDer Author
AlekZanDer - - 2,695 comments

Thank you for the comment.
I want to make it a game that is better for playing, than for looking.

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