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Joao Beraldo talks about some of the options for factional warfare in Shadow Heroes!

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Factional Warfare

So, you thought Shadow Heroes’ multiplayer mode would be something isolated from lore? That we wouldn’t frame it into the story and give you an active role in molding Hendrika? No way!

Enter Hendrika’s Factional Warfare. Choose your nation and prepare your troops to fight alongside your allies to make sure your side ends victorious. Oh, yeah, because there will be war (sorta)!

What faction you choose to fight for, defines not only your objective, but your troop profiles. The Republic’s exorcists are the best, just like Tappani’s chanters are more powerful than anywhere else.


Living Campaign

Shadow Heroes will support a "living multiplayer campaign" in which the story of the world changes based on how players fare in multiplayer battles. Each year a new plot comes into play: Are Hendrika’s nations going through war games? Is there conflict regarding an assassination attempt? Maybe a new discovery threatens the balance of power in Hendrika! During each Season of the campaign (roughly one year), the story moves on, with each Chapter bringing changes to the story and new national objectives. Alliances form, national objectives are declared and conflict issues. During a single Season many things many change.

Picture this: As part of the Treaty of Aylmar, the nations of Hendrika begin friendly wargames as a means to integrate all troops. During this Chapter of the Season, each faction must win the most battles against other factions as a simple tournament. Two months later (real time), Chapter 2 comes out: during a mock battle between Republic of Three Towers and Hawk’s Fall a magic explosive is set off, killing dozens and harming hundreds of republican troops. The tournament is over! Major General Vibeke Meier demands satisfaction. Virtanen and Hanse ally with the Republic while Aylmar Reborn and Opal support Hawk’s Fall. Each side’s objective for this Chapter is to get the most victories against the enemy group. Meanwhile, Everwater, traditional rogues, play the opportunist: the national objective for this Chapter is eliminating a thousand enemy hunters. Everwater’s captain Mor wants to scavenge the battlefield for pistols in order to improve their own hunters. Also acting alone, the Kingdom of Tappani orders its commanders to weaken all sides of the conflict, winning a total of a hundred battles against each of them. Every player contributes to his nation’s objective, ultimately deciding who is victorious every Chapter.

The-young-queenChange History

The end of a Season is no small event, though! As nations accumulate victories during Chapters, something changes. And I mean really change! Maybe the victory of the Republic-Virtanen-Hanse alliance means their influence over other nations have grown, leading to new laws against ändras citizen. This change will impact not only the game story, but something in the game. Maybe ändras units will be more expensive for the next Season! Or maybe the winning side can vote on how their victory will impact the game!

Are you ready to make History?

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