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Developer Blog. Entry number 1. 1.News on the "TO DO LIST" 2.Possible finishing time. 3.Back to the Ep1 engine. 4.The Map 5.Looking for a few good men.

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So it's gonna be my first actual dev blog.
The mod has been making some progress finally.
It's been quite a while, but since the concept's are done and the engine problems are gone we can start a rollin'.

So i have been trying to understand what would be the rate for the TO DO LIST.Anyway...
here's a percentage.It might go back when new content idea's will be added.Although we like content, don't we ?
Map = 50 % still need's lighting, props, events and some choreography.

Gameplay = 0 % that's right.
Sadly it hasn't been updated, due to no coders.Check out the 5th part to get recruited here.

Weapons = 10 %
We'll the concept's for the weapons are done, and we know what we will add.Although it will be a secret for now.Just for a sneak peak i will tell...Beretta.
Sadly i am going to have to go back to Episode 1 engine.
Due to some prop limitations and material limitations.Although it's nothing big.
The good thing is that the mod will be more life like...bad thing is that the lighting will be a tad' bit lower.
The map is coming, cousin.The map is getting a fresh redo.It's getting a sweet, sweet redo.I've added a alley that will lead to the firing range.
Inside is a checkpoint.After then there is a door that lead's to the main room...the firing range.Until lighting is done, there won't be screenshots of the map.
You, yes you looking at the monitor.Yes ! you.Uncle guy is looking for a few good men to help him work on the firing range.Here's the list of job possibility's.

-Coder, that has experience with C++.
-Must have experience with adding weapons, ironsights.
CONTACT Itsjustguy via Steam Friends or send me a PM.


Just admit, that your rig cant handle OB-source.
OB-source has same prop and material limitations as Ep1-source, so please, dont treat us like morons.

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