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Showing the latest mission to be added to The Red Front - The Siege of Leningrad.

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As usual, another busy week in the development of The Red Front.

The most notable change for this week is the inclusion of the third level – Leningrad. In World War II, this city came under heavy siege from the Germans. Due to the length of the siege, an evacuation of the city was declared as the population was starving.
This city is now known as Saint Petersburg in Russia.

In this level, you will need to protect the civilians as the city is evacuated, you will only be able to leave the level when 2000 civilians have been rescued. This also introduces the snow terrain and weather effect which adds an extra atmospheric effect to the level.

There have also been multiple fixes with internal developer play testing taking place. There has been further string localisation for language support put in place as well as corrections to survival mode and data persistence.

The internal play test will be expanded this week to encompass many more people which will provide further feedback before the game is officially declared as being in Beta.


  • Loading screen text localised
  • Loading screen progress bar has been fixed
  • Save game file entries have been updated to capture all required data
  • Survival mode will now display what mutator has been added to enemies at the beginning of a new phase.
  • Survival mode will now display the current wave number correctly
  • The wave counter for both Survival and Normal mode has had the display issues fixed, the text has also been localised
  • Many new achievements have been added into the game, as well as support for the future achievements
  • A new window has been added to the level select screen (to be shown next week), this is currently a WIP but displays what achievements the player does/doesn’t have
  • The mechanism to allow the secret level has been implemented
  • Fixed bugs where the survival mode mutator count and associated mutators wouldn’t reset upon exiting a level, meaning enemies would forever be buffed with extra strength
  • Fixed the ingame menu volume and options from not being set
  • The enemy waves to be spawned have been added in to the Moscow mission

As usual, there are also multiple other fixes which have not been documented as they’re corrected on an ad-hoc basis.



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