It’s December 1941 – The Germans have started to push deep into Russia and are on the verge of taking Moscow and ensuring the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Little known to the Germans; the Soviets have created a new Super Tank to crush the Reich.

You are thrust into the role of the Tank Commander, you’ll be leading the Red Army’s charge against the Nazi’s and will be the one to reclaim the Eastern Front.

A throwback to the classic era of Arcade games with updated features and enhanced graphics. You will experience an alternate history for the Eastern front, featuring secret Soviet and Nazi technology. You will come across mutant super-soldiers, Nazi Robots and secret Soviet projects.

Defend Russia and take the fight back to Berlin liberating cities and villages as you prepare to face the Nazi Regime and their secret weapons.

The Red Front is currently in Alpha Development with a target release of October 2017.

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The Red Front is Released!


The Red Front is Released!

We are proud to announce that The Red Front is now available on Steam. After 14 months of development, we have rolled out the final pre-release patch and have the game ready for all players.

Take advantage of a 20% launch discount and be one of the first to experience this World War Two action-arcade shooter.

Launch Trailer:

December 1941 - The Third Reich has reached Moscow and are preparing the final invasion. The Soviet army has been preparing for the attack, in secret they have constructed a super tank made to protect Russia and drive the Nazi's out.

You are the chosen tank commander who will be piloting this super weapon. You will be leading the charge against the invading Nazi's.

Defend Moscow, crush the Reich and take the fight back to Hitler himself!

About The Red Front

World Map
  • An Alternate Timeline
    Experience notable World War Two battles in The Red Front. Battle from Moscow to Berlin
  • Survival Mode
    Face a never ending hoard of Nazi soliders who progressively get stronger and stronger. Reach new scores and survive for as long as possible.
  • Upgrade Your Tank
    Be rewarded with Rubles and buy upgrades from the Workshop. Purchase new shields, weapon upgrades and multiple other bonuses.
  • Achievements and Points
    Unlock 34 achievements and reach new top scores.
  • Mutation System
    Increase the difficulty by mutating the enemy soldiers. Make them run faster, shoot faster and more.
  • Discover Hidden Technology
    Uncover secret Sovet and Nazi projects. From lasers to mutants and the occult, The Red Front takes inspiration from multiple secret projects during World War Two.
  • Day and Night Battles
    Play any mission in night time mode for an extra challenge and collect more points.
  • The Secret Level
    There are no cows, but collect all the hidden items to unlock the secret level and uncover the Reich's biggest secret.
  • Random Weather Effects
    Sun, Rain, Snow and Storms. Battle through different kinds of weather and reap the achievements.
  • Lead Your Comrades
    Your allies will follow you into battle, a dynamic combat system ensures a constantly changing battleground.
Game play Trailer and Release Date

Game play Trailer and Release Date

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The Red Front will be available on Steam on the 5th of October. To celebrate this, we have released the game play trailer!

The Red Front - Preparing for Release + Review Keys!

The Red Front - Preparing for Release + Review Keys!


This week in The Red Front, we have been spending time balancing, bug fixing and improving various aspects of the game. Register your interest for a review...

The Red Front - Bug Fixes, Balancing and Additions

The Red Front - Bug Fixes, Balancing and Additions


The last two weeks have been spent bug fixing, improving and balancing game play. The Red Front is now largely feature complete with the addition of the...

The Red Front - Warsaw, Berlin and Review Keys

The Red Front - Warsaw, Berlin and Review Keys


Warsaw and Berlin are the latest two missions for The Red Front. See the preview of these levels and register for Review Keys.

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The Red Front is Released! Pick up a copy on Steam with a 20% discount

Oct 5 2017

The Red Front Steam Page is live! Review keys will be coming out soon!

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Announcement: The Red Front will be on Steam Oct 5th! See the Game Play Trailer! #screenshotsaturday

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